What are the mckenzie exercises?

The McKenzie exercises

This method is based on a series of exercises carried out in three different positions: lying down, standing, and sitting.

The exercises are divided like this: four extension exercises and two spinal flexion exercises.

Exercise 1

In the first position, you should be lying face down, fully extended on the table, your arms at the sides of your body and your head turned to one side. From there, you’ll take a series of controlled breaths for about five minutes.

Exercise 2

You continue in the previous position, but you’ll rest your forearms on the table, aligning your elbows and shoulders. This will cause an extension in the spine. Here, you should repeat it for five minutes.

Exercise 3

In this third exercise, you’ll support yourself on the palms of your hands, while they’re aligned with your elbows and shoulders. This helps extend the spine.

As you perform this movement, you should relax your lower body- glutes, thighs, and legs. In addition, you should extend for two seconds, and repeat it ten times.

Exercise 4

This is one of the McKenzie exercises where you change your body position. Here, you should stand up, spread your legs shoulder-width apart, and hold your waist with both hands- fingers towards the back of your torso.

Once in this position, you extend your spine as far back as possible. Then, do ten repetitions of two seconds each.

Exercise 5

Return to the stretcher, but this time, lie on your back. Starting with exercise five, you’ll start the spine push-ups.

Lying on your back, you support the soles of your feet with your legs bent. Then, bring your knees as close to your chest as possible, while your hands go around them. The goal is to exert force so that the knees come closer and closer. You should do six repetitions for two seconds each.

Exercise 6

To finish the McKenzie exercises, you do this one sitting down. This posture begins the moment you sit on the edge of the chair, with your legs slightly apart and your hands in your lap.

Then, bend over to touch the floor with your hands, and put your head between your legs. Finally, return to the starting position. Repeat this six times.

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