Find your personal coach, explore events, create sport teams and more on the go
all workouts in your pocket
Simple, powerful,
For coaches
Easy to use
You can post information about yourself and your products to promote your workouts
Personal page or coaches' community
Create a training template and then key it for each individual athlete
Сustomized workouts for athletes
Get paid to your credit card or account immediately after your workout
Сashouts after completing a workout
Simple, powerful,
Easy to use
Trainet world
Delivers coach performance to a new level of relationship with athletes
Faster. Above.
For athletes
You can choose the most suitable coach for your workouts. From anywhere in the world
Choose the best coach
Coach processes your parameters, finds out details then will create the best training program based on your individual anthropo-physical parameters
Coach creates a personal workout session
Plan, track and progress your sports activities
Sports calendar
Faster. Above.
Sport for life,
TRAINET solutions
sport for all
Sport for life,
sport for all
Trainet solutions can be used by teams, Champions, Olympians, athletes, para-athletes and coaches around the world to track, analyze and plan their training and communicate with the people who love and do sport
You can find like-minded people in clubs and teams in our application
Workouts tailored to your age and physique
Coaches compose workouts for paraathletes, taking into account their characteristics
Big community
Workouts for the old
Paraathlet training
Make us your go-to
platform for effective
blended and virtual
learning. It's so easy
The Fitness Pro Philosophy
Whether you’re a complete beginner or you want to step up your routine, get the full studio experience at home with thousands of classes for body, mind.
Plan your day on the Trinet calendar
Workouts, meals, events and more - all this you can plan on the calendar
Connect with like-minded people
Join a club, join an event, lead a team. Didn't find something suitable? Create your own!
you'll never want to stop!
Play The Game
The best new way to do sport
Transform your life
Watch a video about Trainet World app
types of sports
Any of sports that
you like in one place
for your healthy life
Install the Trainet app on your smartphone
3 easy steps
to get started
A smart filter will help you choose
Choose workout
Work with a coach from anywhere in the world
Workout time
3 easy steps
to get started
Workout in 4 steps
Track your workouts, get
best version of you
Choose workout
Choose a workout, package or plan that suits you and coach will create the best training program based on your individual anthropo-physical parameters
During the workout, you will either have a pre-recorded video material or an online broadcast with a coach, where he will prompt and control the technique for performing the exercise.
Reports are one of the main features TRAINET. Athlete fills out a report on all exercises and coach gives his detailed feedback. It is helping athletes to progress and achieve their goals.
After the athlete has completed the workout and submitted a report, the coach sends feedback on the workout, which contains tips for the further development of the athlete
better results, and be the
Our future plans
Connecting smart devices
All fitness bracelets' Integration
Workouts from the world fitness stars
We will bring to you the best fit celebrities to follow out there
Corporate sport
We will increase its breadth and depth of product and service offerings through corporate partners, wellness industry experts, club affiliates and associations
Our future plans
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